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The six-episode series was produced by Rashida Jones, Jill Bauer, and Ronna Gradus, the team behind the original film, which initially followed a group of teenage girls entering the amateur porn business in Miami.Here, they expand their focus from porn into all aspects of human sexuality online.Before you plan your visit, note that only women and couples are admitted, and groups of three or more must be majority female. This Shibuya spot is a variation of the traditional Japanese maid cafe, which caters to sexually repressed males who are into Cosplay. Pay a cover and order at least one item off the food and drink menu to experience maid hospitality.“Activating” the maids to act like video game characters costs quite a bit more, but if you hang out long enough, some sucker at another table will pay the fee, which brings that 1UP sound with it.If you can dream it, you can probably do it in Japan.

But in reality, the country’s unbelievable coolness will leave you wondering whether all the stuff you experienced there was real, or just your imagination.

He wakes up the next day naked next to her, remembering almost nothing of the previous night. Soon enough, Catherine is stalking him, sending him sexy pictures, and saying she’ll kill him if he ever cheats on her. So far, so Vincent is less a beta male than an omega male: passive, indecisive, and an inveterate liar. (At one point, he gets out of a date by saying “I have really bad diarrhea.”) When he finally tells Catherine he already has a girlfriend, she takes it well, but when he tries to break up with her, she beats him up.

, this new show explores sex and relationships in the Internet age; a time in which a woman can make a living simply by stripping in front of a camera in her bedroom, and a bachelor has unlimited access to date hundreds of women on his phone with a simple swipe.

The 48-member Japanese girl-pop behemoth known as AKB48 will soon pass a big milestone in its already-huge career: performing three sold-out shows from Aug. 26 at the Tokyo Dome, the country's largest concert venue.

But the coronation—further cementing the band's reputation as Japan's most successful pop export in Asia—also comes with a black eye.

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    Registering is completely free; you don’t even need to give any credit or debit card data, and a free account will help you get rid of the pesky pop-ups inviting you to join that always seem to show up when the show’s steaming up.