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That means that if your baby wakes up at am for the day, she’ll likely be ready for her morning nap around am.

But remember, while a sleep schedule can be helpful in providing some predictability in the often-tumultuous life with baby, flexibility is key.

Many parents contact me asking for advice about transitioning their child from two naps to one.

I hear questions like: “He’s a year old now, so shouldn’t we be dropping to one nap soon?

I decided that for this month’s post I would write what my 16-month-old son just went through this past month – transitioning from two naps to one. It’s the period that I like to call “damn if you do, damn if you don’t.” One nap is often times too little, but two naps are too much.

If by 15 months of age, your baby is not napping at all for her second nap it may be time to drop to one nap.From newborns to the time they are 6 months, children’s daily sleep requirements change dramatically.Newborns need around 4-7 hours of day sleep and once they are 6 months plus this drops massively to 2.5-3 hours and by the time they reach 15-18 months toddlers only require one nap day.You want to make sure you avoid an overtired child at bedtime, which can start causing early rising. When your child does transition to one nap, it may be only be the length of one of her naps from before.For example, if your child was taking two naps of 1.5 hours each, when she goes to one nap, she will probably initially take one 1.5 hours nap.

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