Changmin dating victoria dead end dating series kimberly raye

You watch him carefully as he picks up his phone and reads the screen. “Isn’t it strange for her to be saying that to you? She only sees me as a brother,” he shrugs.“I just didn’t realize you two were that close. Your heart drops and tears prick the corner of the eyes. You remember how on the date of the picture was taken, Changmin told you not to make dinner for him because he was planning on going out to eat with some of S. ” you ask, unsure if you even want to hear his answer.“For about three months,” he says softly.“W-why? She understands the pressures of living as an idol and we found comfort in each other.” “I would have understood…” you mumble. His eyes are sincere and you are tempted to give into it.“Please don’t do this. You leave the apartment feeling as if your heart has been shattered into a million pieces.

The photo collection includes pictures of supposed evidence, such as hand-holding and matching accessories, that many believe suggest the two idol stars are dating. Just some background information, this scenario was slightly inspired by a dating scandal between Changmin and Victoria last year.At first, you feel a bubbling sense of hurt and jealousy.After that, she edited the picture and covered the reflection.(Sadly, it was too late) Apparently Changmin bought a shirt for Victoria in New York Changmin and Victoria interactions and holding hands Having couple suitcases The bottom both of them are having a purple key chain.

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