Creek without a paddle dating

A colleague just told me she read in a book that the phrase "up the creek without a paddle" originated in Gosport, where injured soldiers had to go up the creek to get to Hasler hospital. I have also been on guided tours of Haslar, and part of the history is that at its inception sailors were routinely discharged/paid off when a ship was in port and the patients were unusual in being both ashore and receiving naval pay.

It didn't sound very plausible to me, but I found this on it, This saying originates from Gosport England Hasler to be exact its from where injured saliors would be sent up the creek, a river in Hasler and then loaded onto another boat that was on rails and then pulled up to Hasler Hospital (Parts of the rail system are still there) hence the saying UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE. And this link says that the injured could get to the hospital via the creek without breaking quarantine. For this reason naval hospitals were both remote and guarded to prevent wandering; although some cases were medical (the director of Haslar developing the lime juice prevention of Scurvy (he actually used lemons rather than limes, but limes were more readily available from the colonies)) most were surgical.

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