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I am Andy and I will be glad to help you out with your issue today. I suspect that a software update has never been tried previously.

The device is not mine, it belongs to my brother in law who is not very computer literate.

I already had wine installed because I needed it for work related compatibility and found it "just worked" for this process.Wein obtained a bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Washington University. The Nuvi will start with a black screen with "Garmin", a progress bar and a icon of a nuvi connected to a computer. I download the Webupdater, but it cannot connect to the Nuvi even though it recognizes it. I also have the same unit, I have no problems updating software and maps, but you do need to follow c764's advise for the system to work.It is designed to be updated from windows, but with a little setup work, updates just fine with Ubuntu.Hardware you will need: 1) A NUVI model with SD card slot (I'm not sure which models have them, mine is a 350, check yours to be sure.) 2) A formatted SD card with at least 40 MB free space on it.

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