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Those albums, created largely as solo endeavors, will not have prepared listeners for See Mystery Lights.Friday Flights is a series of interdisciplinary happenings that brings together a range of Los Angeles-based artists to transform the Getty experience. It's not that he can't dance, he just doesn't dance... 'I Don't Dance' is the story of a guy who needs to overcome an embarrassing secret that...See full summary » "Live at Bimbo's" is the first one-hour stand up special from Natasha Leggero, star of Comedy Central's Another Period and The Roast of Justin Bieber. * Yacht believes that all people have a right to free thought, to free expression, to write their own opinions freely, and to counter, utter, and write upon the opinions of others.There is a difference between free as in "free lunch" and free as in "liberated." Yacht believes that music and the internet will become both, in time. * No additional information will be divulged for the time being. Jona Bechtolt-- founding member of YACHT, former member of the Blow-- is a huge talent, something that may not have been readily apparent on any of his three previous LPs.She received her MFA from Columbia University in 2013.

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The distortions result in a meditative, repetitive, layered composition.

Taking its title, , in which the protagonist describes her desire to unify and fantasy to belong, the performance utilizes the sounds and repetitive gestures associated with the intimacy and ritual of grooming to merge the performers and the onlookers into a collective experience.

Recalling La Monte Young's projects Dream House and Theater of Eternal Music, as well as sound baths held in Edward Van Tassel's Integratron structure, this composition activates and complicates the physical and emotional effects of sound on the individual and the collective body.

Molly Surno is a Brooklyn-based installation artist who works in film and video, sculpture, sound, and photography.

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