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Planned Parent Mar Monte Provide women health services to residents of Monterey County State California Coalition Against Sexual Assault CALCASA is a California statewide coalition of rape crisis centers and prevention programs.My Strength or Mi Fuerza Direct link to the California Department of Health Services and the California Coalition against Sexual Assault My Strength Campaign.A suite of sediment cores were carefully collected perpendicular to the canyon thalweg in water depths of approximately 300m, 500m, 800m, and 1500m using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).We choose cores that were between 60m and 75m above the canyon thalweg on canyon side bench features for correlation with moored instrument deployments.1625 Geomorphology and weathering, GLOBAL CHANGE, 1862 Sediment transport, HYDROLOGY, 3022 Marine sediments: processes and transport, MARINE GEOLOGY AND GEOPHYSICS, 4217 Coastal processes, OCEANOGRAPHY: GENERAL Submarine canyons are a major conduit for terrestrial material to the deep sea.

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The sediment cores reveal a complex stratigraphy that includes copious bioturbation features, sand lenses, subtle erosional surfaces, subtle graded bedding, and abrupt changes sediment texture and color.

Downcore excess 210Pb and 137Cs profiles imply episodic deposition and remobilization cycles on the canyon benches.

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