The dating game show archives

I was curious as to what your real opinion is of online dating.

Our game is designed to emphasize realistic time, skill and money management needed to run a successful horse stable.There was this handsome young man asking four newlywed couples questions about their marriages. "The audience on TV laughed and laughed, and the handsome young host did everything to help make the audience laugh.Sometimes, you saw just the beautiful young ladies; and other times, the good-looking men were on, but they always got back together to talk about their marriages. The people couldn't believe what they were seeing on the TV. forgetting all about , the tell-all game show where four couples – all married less than two years – answered questions about their relationship to win a prize.Turn on the TV and it’s not about kittens being saved from trees, but drive-by shootings.That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of kittens saved from trees.

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