Updating copyright

Here’s something I don’t get, and I’d love it if someone well versed in US copyright law could explain it to me: Why must a copyright notice include a year?

Especially if no notice is required for copyright protection?

Entering either script won't change the year in the Design view of your html editor.

To see the results of entering your script, upload the edited web page to your web server, then go to your browser and reload the page. Copy and paste it wherever you want the current year to appear: And here's the php script: Yes, the php script is simpler, but it may not work just yet. It's actually a good thing, because then you'll be able to run other php scripts on your site, which can be extremely useful.

…Yes, it’s true that registering your copyright helps a lot if you want to actually be able to legally defend your copyright.

Moreover, virtually every firm today has some copyright asset it wants to protect, such as a logo, an advertising motif, software, databases or website content. Technological advances have destabilized many traditional copyright industry sectors because the economics of creating, publishing and disseminating information-rich works have dramatically changed.

Many copyright industry groups have been slower to see the promise than the risk of the new digital environment.

Automatic update of copyright year would be a real smart thing to do for any website since its such a trivial thing many developer may not remember to update it manually every year.

On a web page you can easily do javascript copyright year update.

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