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We went through each and every Word Press site on our network (over 750,000 of them!

) and began to trigger these updates less than an hour after we were alerted to the nature of the problem.

We, of course, are always happy to help you figure out what the issue may be, but you may not want to wait even 15-20 minutes for a reply. It’s possible that your theme is causing an issue with the upgrade, especially if it’s not a rapidly and proactively supported theme like we build over at Studio Press.

To see if your theme is the issue, deactivate it and activate the default Word Press theme, which is guaranteed to work flawlessly with the Word Press update. Keep it deactivated if the problem is important enough that it cannot be tolerated.

And our post about when you should and shouldn’t use plugins?

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Without any details on what the vulnerability was (a best practice to avoid widespread abuse), we had to work quickly to deploy Word Press updates across our network before the nature of the vulnerability became public and attackers started to target it.

Since Word Press 3.7 was released automatic updates for minor and security releases have become standard.

It is also now possible to receive major or core updates without the site admin doing anything.

Step 3 – If all the components (themes and plugins) you are using is compatible with PHP 7.0, an option to upgrade to PHP 7.0 will be displayed.

Step 4 – Suppose some of the components on you site are not supported by PHP 7, they will be listed on the screen for you to decide whether to replace them with compatible plugins or just disable them.

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